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My profile on The Yorkshire Times

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Simon Bartle, Visual Arts Correspondent, at the Yorkshire Times recently did a review of my work. Thanks Simon...

He wrote: "Each of her paintings are in some sense a rich landscape, and they have a rhythm, which provokes a personal response. They relax the soul, and at the same time make us rejoice in the colour and form, which her work celebrates. This is thoughtful picture building at its very best. Carole has a style of her own. A 'Gaunt' is immediately recognisable as a 'Gaunt'. Pure and simple images culled from nature, but with a lusciousness that is totally unique. Gorgeous paintings, raw and uncompromising. They are all undoubtedly the product of a 'Yorkshire Lass', born and bred, with her own distinctive brand.

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